Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why system verilog does not allow always block in program block?

The program block came from the Vera verification language that was donated to SystemVerilog. In Vera, a program was a single procedure that represented the "test". Your test was started at time 0 and when the test terminated, the program terminated the simulation. If you needed multiple test threads, you either had to use the fork statement to start it, or use multiple programs. When the last program terminated, the simulation terminated.

As part of the integration with SystemVerilog, the program was turned into a module-like construct with ports and initial blocks are now used to start the test procedure. Because an always block never terminates, it was kept out of the program block so the concept of test termination would still be there.

Today, most people do not utilize this termination feature because the OVM/UVM have their own test termination mechanisms. The program block is no longer a necessary feature of the language other than to help people converting over from Vera to SystemVerilog.

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